About: Justin & Carmen Kennedy

The Kennedys met in New Jersey at Rutgers University in 1992. Justin went on to attend law school and was graduated from Rutgers Law School - Newark, in 1996. 

In 2000, Justin was a well known entertainment lawyer in New York City and Carmen had become a Technology Manager for Urban Box Office, a huge tech start up.  In 2001, Carmen moved on and became the Technology Manager at Funny Garbage. Funny Garbage creates apps, games & responsive websites for the best pop culture brands on the planet!

Using Carmen's experience managing media developers and Justin's experience in the entertainment business, the couple began producing media products for top companies in 2002.

The Kennedys focused on producing online video games for companies like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Adult Swim, Canon, Fed Ex and the list goes on.  The Kennedys received great press for their innovations in interactive training and pioneering the online Advergame experience. 

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About: Justin Kennedy

Justin and Carmen produced their first documentary in college in 1992.  After this experience, Justin knew exactly what he wanted to be in life, a filmmaker.  Up until that point, Justin just enjoyed playing football at Rutgers University on a full scholarship.  Upon graduation, he had to make a choice between law school and film school.  Justin's father persuaded him to attend law school.

Although Justin has enjoyed a very successful career in law, his creative passions moved him towards technology and media development. Currently, Justin enjoys using his 20 years of business experience to help people grow in business.  He also enjoys the filmmaking and the editing process. So these days, Justin has chosen to focus on commercial video production, documentary work, and film projects.  

About: Carmen Kennedy

Carmen is a producer. She found her niche early working with tech creatives to produce high end projects in the early 2000's. Carmen is the glue that holds the team together. She also uses her bubbly charm to makes sure that all deadlines are met.   As you may know, production can be stressful.  Carmen's years of experience producing all kinds of media projects makes this process fun and easy. 

Carmen loves her family, eating well, working out, dancing and doing yoga. Her healthy disciplines help to create the necessary balance in her home and in her business.  It's her  nurturing  spirit and years of experience supporting creative teams that makes her such a great mother, wife, collaborator and producer. 


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