Business Consulting 

Justin Kennedy was graduated from Rutgers Law School in Newark, New Jersey in 1996.  For the last 26 years he has served clients in all sorts of matters ranging form landlord tenant disputes, commercial litigation, house closings, family law, corporate formations, property protection, and drafting agreements.

In 2002, Justin formed a business consulting company aimed at helping businesses grow.  He also formed a media production company to produce online video games and interactive training simulations for top companies.  


Justin's experiences as a successful lawyer, media developer and consultant over the last 26 years, is the foundation for the advice the Kennedys share.  


Typically, the Kennedys works with clients to create Business Plans and Strategic Marketing Plans. Often, clients wish the Kennedys to Oversee the Development Process as well.

Although most people come to the Kennedys for their videography services, it's very important to establish a solid business strategy before we get to the fun creative stuff.


Video Production 

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In 2022, companies are connecting with people using social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are just a few of the most popular platforms. The demand for professional video work has increased.  The demand for television and film content has increased as well.  So, for the past 5 years, the Kennedys have been filming branded content for corporations, organization, and influencers.  The Kennedys have also worked with several politician and pastors to create change in our community.   The Kennedys' portfolio of work is showcased on their YouTube page. 


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Our projects cannot be created without someone to manage the process.  There are too many variables that must be sorted out in order for each project to be successful.  

Carmen  Kennedy communicates with the clients to establish production timelines and deliverables. She collaborates with the development team and the client to insure that all of the clients needs are met and that the project is delivered on time.  As you may know, this can be a frustrating process.

The Kennedys strive for excellence.  They  pride themselves on being on time and getting the job done efficiently.   

If you are looking to produce a commercial video, documentary or film project, please feel free to contact us.

Production Management 


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