Business Planning & Strategy

So many new businesses set up shop without a strategic business plan in place. We believe that you will receive sustainable increase when you take the time to make a plan. Although we'd like to have unlimited resources, most of us need to make sure that the money we spend is well invested. You should ask, "What are the real financial returns from my marketing expenses?"

Kennedy Business Consulting can help you create realistic plans based on your yearly budget. We can help you figure out the best use of your money and set a solid plan for success. 


Negotiating Business Deals

Many clients enjoy the buffer created between them and their counterparts during negotiations.  We can speak on your behalf and represent your interest regarding your business transactions. Kennedy Business Consulting can draft and negotiate your business agreements.  

Sometimes you need someone who is experienced at negotiating deals to represent your interest. We all want to receive the best return on our time.  When you are conducting serious transactions, it's a good practice to bring an experienced business lawyer with you.


Drafting Business Agreements

We believe in protecting your interest by memorializing your business agreements in writing. Whether it's partnership agreements  or contracts with sub-contractors, many companies don't keep records of their business relationships.


You should protect your property interest and keep your business free from litigation.  To this end, you should create enforceable agreements that keep your business relationships strong and reliable. 

Research & Analysis 

Having a good business idea is exciting. The process of

researching this idea and analyzing its profitability  

can be crucial.  There are a lot of details that must be

uncovered in order to make informed business 

decisions. We look at statistics, history,  and demographics of a business idea. We help you define your target market and find the best ways to reach your audience. 


Managing Your Business

Some investors are very passionate about the success of a company they own, but they don't have the time to commit to the day-to-day running of the company. It's a lot of work managing clients, employee issues, project deliverables,  social media and keeping track of your public appearances. We understand and  we can support you by incorporating these task in to our full time responsibilities.